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Why you need Weavve

Why a lead management tool for Freelancers?

As a Freelancer, you want to work on projects that interest you and that will pay you at the height of your talents. But you know that finding the “good” customers is not simple. It requires to be well organized and a well-designed sales process. With Weavve, set up and track your sales process very easily directly from your phone.

What makes Weavve unique?

Weavve is designed for Freelancers. We know that you don’t have a sales team or assistants to collect, organize and manage data in a super complex and expensive CRM.

You want an intuitive and affordable tool to professionalize your sales process. A tool that helps you convert more interesting leads into customers without spending hours reading documentation and filling out endless forms.

Our leitmotivs


Weavve eliminates the need of time-consuming training lessons or documentation reading. 

Every feature is designed to be as simple as possible to really help you in converting more interesting leads into customers.

You’re 5 minutes away from starting tracking your sales process!

Usable wherever you are

Unlike other CRMs, Weavve is build with mobility at its core. Therefore you know you always have the full version of your CRM with you. 

It entirely reinvents the way to use a CRM since you can create leads, track your funnels, monitor your lead interactions and much more directly from your phone wherever you are. It also allows the integration of game changing features like business card scanning or the backup business card.

No long form filling

We all hate filling out endless forms. That’s why Weavve provides easy and fast lead creation. Easily capture leads from business cards, email signatures, or manually via our simple lead forms.

All the features you need

Smart features for a smart sales process

All your contacts, leads and customers in your pocket


Gather all your pro contacts in one place. Organize them into folders. Specify their stage (contact, lead, customer, etc.). Track lead interactions. Get follow-up reminders. And much more.

Differentiate companies from contacts


With our Account Management mode, create lead companies and manage your opportunities easily. Specify their stage in your funnel, the contacts linked and add custom fields. Managing B2B clients has never been as easy!

Spreadsheets export in seconds 

Configure and export an Excel in a few clicks. Very useful to analyze your lead data comfortably at your desk, to share a list of leads or to export an email list for example.

Effortless Lead Capturing through AI


Your time is precious. With Weavve, you don’t need to speed time to fill out long forms: scan business cards or email signatures and let our AI handle the creation of a new lead! You can even save the new contact in your phone contacts.

Customizable lead forms 


Create your own sales process by customizing your lead forms. For example, you might want to add the technology used by your leads, the expected duration of your mission, a short description of the mission, etc.  

Note that you can add different fields according to whether the lead is a person or a company. 

A backup business card in your pocket


In addition to being an intuitive and mobile CRM, Weavve is also your networking assistant. Create a digital business card that you can use as a backup or main business card. Note that people don’t need to have Weavve to read it!

When you receive a business card, scan it and Weavve will ask you if you want to send your digital business card to the email address just captured.

Download Weavve

Weavve is currently free, premium will come soon with a bundle of new great features! Get Weavve now and start to manage your sales process and convert more interesting leads.

Frequently asked questions

Of course! Weavve is not a prison. You will be able to leave at any time without losing your data. Exporting to Excel is already a way to re-import your data anywhere else.

But we are convinced you’ll love Weavve so much that you won’t want to leave us. If you want to enjoy the benefits of both Weavve and a big CRM, you can ask us to integrate them into an all-in-one tailor-made solution. Our goal is to support you in your way to success. Growing your business is the best thing we can wish you :).

We think it is. 

First, Weavve offers more than managing your clients. You can manage all your pro contacts: partners, leads, coaches, bankers, investors, etc. So many studies have shown that creating and maintaining a professional network is game changing for freelancers. Weavve helps you to do so.

Second, Weavve is designed to be super intuitive. Therefore, you will be able to professionalize your customer relationship in a few minutes.

Good question. Having a mobile CRM has a lot of advantages: usable wherever and whenever you want, ease of use, simple installation, etc. But when it comes to working for a longer period or analyzing data in details, the computer remains the best solution.

That’s why Weavve allows you to configure and export a spreadsheet very easily. You can therefore use this spreadsheet to analyze, report and exploit your data in Excel, Google Sheet or Numbers.

Weavve offers you more than any spreadsheet can, while allowing you to keep your habits! 

For example, with the app you can: scan business cards, organize your contacts into folders, display all contacts at a certain funnel stage, create and share a digital business card, open Google Maps to one contact’s address in one click, etc. 

Then you can export a spreadsheet with all the info you need and keep your habits of working on a spreadsheet! 

In addition, Weavve is as customizable as a spreadsheet since you can add personalized fields to your contacts and accounts.

Weavve is free because the premium features are not available yet. 

We want to provide an high-quality app for free in order to help as many people as possible in their road to success. Then, for those who want/need more, we will provide very advanced features for an affordable price soon.

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